Throughout our history we have specialized in being present and ‘on the ground’ in all emerging markets. As a result, we have the expertise and skills to handle all ‘final mile’ logistics, no matter the challenge. Whether your supplies or equipment fit into a box or not, most logistics companies will struggle getting them in and out of remote, disaster-stricken, or war-torn regions. For BOSFOR it’s what we do all day, every day. We succeed and thrive where others fail, especially in emerging markets, fast changing situations, and in areas where logistics information is often unavailable, out of date, unreliable or just non-existent.

We have the structure and systems that can handle rapid build ups and large projects with very little notice. We are often assigned large deployment projects for various institutions and are used by agencies handling critical cargo to instable and volatile areas. BOSFOR staff have a broad understanding of the challenges that arise from political instability, volatile security, poor transport infrastructure and lack of complete information that are common in these projects. Not only does our staff have the understanding, but vitally, they have the necessary experience and contacts for handling project logistics in unpredictable environments.

We operate as a professional project logistics service provider with an extensive network of partners and clients spread over 6 continents around the world. We have operations throughout the Middle East, Africa, Central Asia, Far-East, Europe and the Balkans. BOSFOR is strategically located to provide global logistics solutions anywhere in the world, specializing in emerging markets and challenging environments. With our knowledge and experience in emerging markets. BOSFOR knows what it takes to successfully manage extraordinary logistics projects. We understand markets that suffer from political instability, volatile security and poor transport infrastructure. We have systems in place that can handle a rapid buildup and large projects with very short notice. We are often assigned large deployment projects from military institutions and are used by agencies handling emergency response for natural disasters or humanitarian aid.

We offer our extensive listing of international clientele cutting edge logistics solutions. Through our extensive Preferred Partners Network and strategically located offices, We at BOSFOR provide tailored services to meet the needs of even the most demanding customers. We are proud of the reputation we have earned amongst industry specialists for supplier quality and technological innovation. Operating at the forefront of the global freight industry and in the world’s most challenging environments.

Unparalleled level of service for our clients

At BOSFOR we are teamed up in providing an unparalleled level of service for our clients based on their logistical needs and requirements. We are specialized and are able to provide reliable and professional transportation via air, land, and sea, overseen by seasoned logisticians using the fields most technologically advanced and innovative tools. Not only does BOSFOR provide project and warehouse management, but we also have the ability to offer support for over-sized cargo movements and HAZMAT transportation in the harshest and most remote regions, this all make us a successful service provider in the industry.

Due to our on the ground expertise in remote, war-torn, and disaster-stricken regions we succeed and thrive where others fail, especially where it really counts – final mile logistics. Our competitors do not like surprises. They require long planning periods, standardized packaging, and stability. As a premier provider of global mobility solutions, BOSFOR offers scalable services aimed at easing the relocation and moving process for its multi-national clients and their assignees. BOSFOR’s dedicated account management model provides the ease of single point coordination and account.


Our core focus is not shipping, it’s people. We like to call ourselves a People Factory, wherein we shape our workforce from a foundation of values. Adherence to our value-system is paramount. Even superheroes are evaluated on the scale of adherence to our in-house value system.

Innovation and creativity in the workplace are encouraged by all possible means. Taking risks is championed and taking cover is derided. Integrity and honesty are clear givens at all levels with no dilution. Freedom is unlimited and responsibilities are taught to be absolutes.


We endeavor to provide unparalleled shipping and logistics solutions while maintaining overall business ethics, provide exceptional customer service, add value to their interests and ensure continuous opportunities for our partners and shareholders round the clock.


We conduct our business in a manner which enables sustainable and profitable growth, broadening opportunities for expansion and development, and facilitating career growth for our employees. Committed to providing an optimal distribution structure that allows for a high degree of market and outlet coverage.


We, at BOSFOR, provide a comprehensive range of procurement and logistics services to our customers. We are committed to fully meeting and satisfying our customer’s requirements and expectations by providing friendly, reliable, cost effective, timely and high-quality service.


Corporate Social Responsibility

At BOSFOR we don’t just carry cargo, we carry a pioneer’s mind. Every problem is a new challenge, and we seek new solutions, when the old ones no longer hold merit. While we are rich in experience, we only use that to propel us to do things better. At the same time, we keep navigating the waters for fresh and new ideas, without getting run aground by our past experiences.

We work with new technology as much as and whenever we can. And strive to make our customers embrace these. We constantly give up old and redundant practices. And replace them with new technology and ideas. We are all both captain and cadet. We work with minimum hierarchy and maximum spread.

Merit is the yardstick of supremacy on our ship, which is why our crew comprises a young talent pool that is free to experiment with ideas. Taking ownership, solving problems quickly, and serving customers in the best possible ways, are very important to us, individually and collectively.

The Customer is at the helm of all that we do and think. Politeness steers us both inside and outside the organization. Honesty, truthfulness, and a human approach are the fundamental building blocks of all our strategies and interactions. We deliver more than we promise. And above all, we stand by our commitments, even in the choppiest waters.

It is due to this increasing interest from stakeholders and government; together with the need of our corporation to be both transparent and accountable that performance, including that of sustainability, is becoming a regular feature on the corporate agenda. Consequently, our board of directors have shown confidence in the data used to govern our company.

Management systems and standards have played a vital role in helping us govern our activities and manage sustainability. By taking a systems approach BOSFOR has been able to focus on identifying our risks, legislative requirements, operational controls and ensure that material issues are not overlooked.

Standards, meanwhile, have provided us the means to quantify our performance, and to identify areas for improvement whilst the production of a non-financial report allowed us to demonstrate our commitment to sustainability. Consequently, we have participated more actively in the CSR-field and highlighted much of our quality efforts under a Sustainable development umbrella.