BOSFOR thrives in markets that offer challenges such as political instability, volatile security, poor transport infrastructure and little or no availability of a skilled workforce.

Within these environments we understand what it takes to successfully manage logistics projects, even in the harshest of conditions. However unique or challenging your project, we can tailor make a solution that will enable you to bring in and manage your logistics project on time and on budget, with full and transparent visibility at every stage.

Purchase Order Management

Our tailor made purchase order management solutions will make your supply chain more efficient, leaving you free to concentrate on the core areas of your business. BOSFOR specialize in unique projects, with different and ever-changing requirements, within emerging markets, war-torn or disaster stricken environments.

You will receive full on-line visibility and regular communication from us enabling you to manage your global procurement process, without requiring the high expense and investment of having your own people and facilities on the ground within the challenging environments in which we excel.

  • Coordinate and receipt of purchase orders from suppliers around the globe
  • Daily communication with suppliers to obtain shipment details and ready dates
  • Any delays or issues will be communicated to you, allowing suitable contingency plans to be put into place
  • Expedite shipments with each individual supplier on your behalf
  • Centralized tracking and communication via our HQ for standardized quality control
  • Real time on-line tracking system
  • Extensive tracking reports available in real-time
  • Communication with consignees and project sites for delivery information
  • Ability to have supplies shipped to our own warehouses on your behalf, consolidate shipments and re-distribute
  • Re-packing and crating
  • Collection and upload of all documents related to every order available on our tracking system
  • Dedicated operation staff available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

BOSFOR will find the right solution for your warehouse and materials control, giving you access to our international standard facilities without the high expense and investment of having your own people and facilities in the harsh regions in which we excel.

Warehouse facilities include an organized inventory system with the necessary technology to ensure accuracy and which are compliant with all national and international requirements. We provide the ability to ‘view’ your inventory remotely as part of the ‘virtual warehousing’ system we have  implemented. This will provide an instantaneous snapshot of products from the time of receipt to dispatch. System security will ensure visibility of only your products.

  • Warehouse facilities
  • State of the art packing and crating equipment
  • Fully furnished air conditioned office units with internet
  • Warehouse Management systems
  • Trained and experienced warehouse manager and labor
  • Airbrush stenciling equipment
  • Shrink Wrap and Palletization
  • Skidding and lagging
  • Oversized crating and hood boxing
  • Saddling
  • Hazmat and fragile packing
  • Recouping services
  • Bundling