BOSFOR thrives in markets that offer challenges such as political instability, volatile security and poor transport infrastructure. We have been successfully operating in emerging markets, harsh environments, war-torn, and disaster stricken areas for over 20 years. We have teams and facilities on the ground in countries such as Africa, Iraq, and Afghanistan to handle your freight forwarding, no matter when and where.


The final mile is often the most difficult part of the supply chain, especially within the challenging regions where we operate. With our trained and experienced on the ground presence, BOSFOR monitors your shipment from the time of arrival to the time of delivery. BOSFOR will ensure your documentation is prepared in line with current import clearance procedures, avoiding delays and additional charges in order to meet your delivery timelines. Importantly for you, we are not part of a specific partner network, but within the territories that we operate we remain a neutral agent.

Real time visibility through our online tracking system and our high level of customer communication means you can feel safe in the knowledge that your shipment will reach its intended destination with minimum cost and delay.


BOSFOR ensures quick and efficient export of your goods in a timely manner due to our in depth knowledge of the export documentation requirements from the regions in which we specialize. We can provide door to door transport solutions from anywhere to everywhere, either through our own experienced teams, or through our established and trusted network of agents.