We move where others can’t at a pace others can’t keep up with

The world is changing very fast. Big will not beat small anymore. It will be the fast beating the slow in a cost effective way.
BOSFOR integrates the latest technology to ensure you have full visibility on your shipment, but more importantly,
we give you a level of predictability that is not the norm in these harsh environments. Our team members
can offer you a peace of mind on your materials control and freight management, whether it be
consumables,spare parts, chemicals, construction materials etc.

Through extensive research and preparation, we deliver
a solution to each global shipping challenge

BOSFOR continuously carries out feasibility studies of different modes of transport, from simple to very complex transport operations.
We carry out road-surveys, perform site-inspections, check the feasibility of lift and transport possibilities and research warehousing options.
We can unburden you in the logistic process from A-Z. When your freight is too large or too heavy to transport in a container, or if your
freight consists of a large quantity, we will work and offer you a personalized service that fits your specific needs,
including the pre-transport, FOB handling, documentation and supervision.

Quality and peace of mind

With over 10 years of shipping and logistics experience and the technical guidance on a wide variety of industries you can rest assured
that you’ll receive the best support and handling of your shipments all around the globe. From initial consulting to final commissioning and ongoing
operations, BOSFOR provides everything required to develop and maintain and improve your global business operations. From the day we
founded BOSFOR has started to challenge the industry, we have learned that any process only evolves and improves
continuously when you stay focused and that intelligence is critical.

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